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Homes Made for Life - It's All About The Hunt

Furniture and featured decor from: Structube, HomeSense, IKEA, Bouclair and Austin & Taylor Home Furnishings

It’s All About the Hunt

Finding the right decor items for a new home can be tricky – it’s all about the hunt! Try to be patient in your search for the perfect pieces and trust the process. Take your time and don’t expect an entire room to come together over night.

When you’re at your favourite store, curate your cart. Select items that complement one another - metals, colours, textures - and then add and delete as you go until you see the perfect collection coming to life!

Here’s a look at two of our favourite pieces in this Ilderton model home:

Rug: a good rug can be hard to find. We’ve all spent months searching for the perfect base to our room. This gem from IKEA is affordable, durable, soil resistant, and has been featured in many home and design magazines because it’s just so versatile. Its nice flat surface makes it easy to vacuum and it’s even reversible so it can withstand wear and tear even longer! The black and white stripe pattern works with everything.

Coffee table: this perfectly sized coffee table found at Bouclair has a mirrored top that reflects light and detail from around the light and bright room, and its pine wood edge and metal legs introduce a variety of elements to the room that you can complement with additional decor pieces.  It brings a modern touch to this family space and the sculptural design brings instant style.

In this particular room, these two great finds do a wonderful job of providing a place to start the decorating process.  Black details are reflected in the table legs, rug, fire place, artwork frames and lamps. The pine table detail and wooden mirror frame complement the amazing engineered hardwood flooring.

Finally, every room needs a touch of colour. Pink and green accents were added for a vibrant touch!