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Just Between Friends

Meet Bea

Before calling Dorchester Terrace my home, I lived in Windsor Ontario. I’m 92 years old and had lost interest in being in my home – tired of cooking and baking and everything that went into being a homeowner. I looked for my new home for about two years! My son suggested I search closer to him and my daughter-in-law who live in Belmont. Being closer to them was extremely important to me.

Meet Bea

There were quite a few things that helped me make the decision to move to Dorchester Terrace, the first being that it feels like living at a 5-star hotel – I feel like I’m living at the Ritz! Being a brand new residence, everything is fresh and new. I love the layout of my suite, closets and French doors, the amenities, individual temperature control, air conditioned hallways and the brightness that shines through my windows. I wish I had made the move sooner; I should have been here four years ago! No more garden to care for, home repairs to be looked after or cooking to be done. 

The entrance to Dorchester Terrace is beautiful and was such a lovely surprise. Chandeliers, lots of windows and bright open space, and then there’s the private dining room!  There is so much to enjoy here, including; crafts, euchre, coffee club, bingo and the fitness centre. One piece of advice I would give to others looking for a retirement option is to move while you can still participate! Be ready to get your legs and mind moving and enjoy your health.  When my family comes to visit I love to show off my new home and go to the Bistro for lunch.  

The downsizing process was overwhelming. I had spent 62 years in my past home so my daughter helped me go room to room and decide what was important to me. From there I sent things home with my other family members. Dorchester Terrace gave me information about moving companies as well, but luckily I was prepared and ready to go thanks to my family.  My brand new suite is everything I could want, it’s close to everything but tucked out of site.