40 Years at Southwest One

Exterior of modern building with large windows and a cascading roofline

Charlotte L. I really have lived here for 40 years. It is a long time considering it was to be a temporary arrangement, but it was not long until we felt very comfortable and the subject of moving came up less and less. Jack retired, and we started to travel, and it was a perfect […]

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10 Tips for Decorating Your Modern Rental Apartment

Modern Apartment Decor Ideas

We’re spending more time at home than ever before, and looking at the same four walls everyday might have you wishing you could make some changes to your space. Decorating a rental can be tricky and while you might feel limited, there are definitely ways to bring your personality to life. We have put together […]

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Welcome Home Video Series: Garbage Best Practices

Garbage – we all generate various amounts of it and we need to ensure that we also properly dispose of it. Here’s some helpful tips to successfully follow city guidelines and avoid any interruption to your service. And, as a bonus, it will also help ensure your neighborhood stays litter free. […]

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Let’s Sort it Out

A graphic of three bins - compost, recycling and garbage - in front of a stylized earth

GARBAGE COLLECTION REMINDERS Download the garbage collection calendars for your neighbourhood on www.london.ca. This is a great tool for tracking when garbage collection happens in your neighbourhood, especially around holidays when dates may change. There are also reminders for “Do’s and Don’ts” and instructions on how to dispose of items such as paint, electronics, furniture, etc. […]

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Go Green and Reduce Your Hydro Usage & Costs

Stylized icon that says Go Green

Did you know that there are a number of programs designed to help renters reduce hydro usage and in turn save on the cost of hydro? How do I know if I’m eligible?These programs have different criteria – ranging from your age and income, to number of occupants in your home, to your average monthly […]

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