Sifton Family Foundation: 2022 Year in Review

Giving back to our communities is such an important part of who we are that Doris and Mowbray Sifton created The Sifton Family Foundation in 1989. For over thirty years, the foundation has been a vehicle through which Sifton enhances the lives of those in our communities by supporting initiatives focused on children, youth and their families, as well as seniors and persons with disabilities.

In 2022, the Sifton Family Foundation provided 25 grants totaling over $520,000 to registered charities in Southwestern Ontario communities. In addition to grants, the Sifton Family Foundation matched employee contributions to the United Way campaign and other charitable organizations like the Canadian Red Cross, Movember, and the London Humane Society resulting in $100,000 in giving.   

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Here’s how the Sifton Family Foundation impacted the areas of Family and Community,
Education and Play, Healthcare and Wellness and Food Security over the course of 2022!