Find Your Nook

Find Your Nook - feature
Furniture and featured decor from: Structube, HomeSense, Ikea, and Presidents Choice.

Gone are the days of the cold living room that no one would sit in and the secluded home office that was only visited once a month. Today it’s all about functionality in your home and how to get the most out of your living space. In a world where we want to stay connected with our loved ones while juggling work life balance, finding a small nook in your home to be productive and cultivate your creativity is ideal.

If you’re working from home, an office nook offers a dedicated space to focus and be creative, while keeping you connected to your family. Parents can also get the most out of this space by encouraging children to utilize the nook for homework, or even colouring and crafts! Whether you are preparing dinner or putting your feet up, you can keep an eye on your kids and lend a helping hand whenever needed.

Office nooks offer a great way to optimize a living space that may have been overlooked or rendered unusable.  Focus first on functionality and then design the area in a way that is authentic to your style. Essentially, a nook is just an extension of the rest of your living space, and should complement your home design and decor, keeping things light and fun! Spend some time to explore your favourite stores, and with a bit of digging, you’ll find chic, affordable pieces that are sure to add a touch of style and flare to the rest of your nest.