Move In Faster with an Express Home

Move In Faster with an Express Home - feature

Buying a new home brings the opportunity to create a new story. To start fresh, begin a new adventure and personalize a new living space. The hunt for a new home takes us to many places – we scour the internet, flip through magazines, and grab a coffee on a Sunday afternoon while touring new neighbourhoods to find the one that feels most like home.

Often times, it’s where we want to live that comes first; location is everything. From there our search begins, most often including resale homes and perhaps new construction. For many, the perfect option lies somewhere in between – with a quick closing or what may also be referred to as an “express home”.

An express home is a newly built home that is already under construction. The layout and exterior of the home has been selected by the builder (often the most sought after designs) but inside construction is halted at a point that allows the purchaser the opportunity to personalize the space. The building envelope is complete, along with interior walls and major structural elements, and the home is simply waiting for final features and finishes to be selected.

These quick closing homes allow a purchaser to choose new construction, while skipping lengthy build times that may not fit into their moving plan. This makes them a great choice for families looking for a brand new home with a shorter turnaround. In addition to express homes, many also tour and fall in love with Sifton’s very own model homes and scoop up these gems even quicker. Quick closing homes can be outfitted and completed in as little as 30 days, depending on the stage of construction.

Top 5 Advantages to selecting a Sifton Express Home:

  1. Move in faster and enjoy flexibility in a closing date.
  2. Walk through the house and get a true sense of the space you’ll call home.
  3. Enjoy designer selected upgrades and on-trend finishes that today’s buyers are looking for.
  4. Fewer decisions to make means less hassle for those who don’t feel strongly about making every new home selection.
  5. Everybody wins – we are motivated to sell the house and often offer incentives that mean more for your dollar.

Now building in 6 communities in London and surrounding areas, including Ilderton and Ingersoll, Sifton has a number of express homes now available for sale. Move in before the end of the year, and be sure to ask about express home promotions at your preferred location!

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