Minister of Energy visits The Sifton Centre at West 5, Ontario's first Net-Zero Community


Minister of Energy visits West 5, first Net Zero Community in Ontario

Minister Glenn Thibeault along with Deputy Premier Deb Matthews are visiting The Sifton Centre at West 5, Ontario’s first sustainable, net-zero community on Monday, February 6th.

The Sifton Centre, which is now the home of Sifton Properties’ Corporate office is London’s first net zero commercial building which means it’s designed and constructed to power itself. This building is the first of many at West 5, which will all be built using leading-edge SMART and net-zero technologies. Once fully built, West 5 will have 2,000 apartments, condominium and townhomes along with 400,000 sq ft. of commercial space and a 1.6 acre park in the heart of the community.

West 5 Community Map

Some of the many technologies used in The Sifton Centre include; solar rooftop and facade; automated lighting , heating and cooling based on occupancy sensors, level of sunlight and solar gain; dynamic glass windows that automatically tint and adjust to sunlight; low flow plumbing fixtures which use rain water; green rooftop; and even eco photocopiers that erase toner to allow the same paper to be re-used up to five times.

Sifton’s West 5 community is a leading example of energy conservation and innovation in Ontario’s energy sector and supports Ontario's plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.


  • The West 5 community will use net-zero technologies, which means it will generate all of the electricity it uses.
  •  The Sifton Centre is expected to be 43% more efficient than a normal office building.
  • The Sifton Centre generates 167.5 kw - enough to power 14 houses for a year
  • The Sifton Centre houses a 24,000 litre rainwater cistern that can flush toilets within the building over 6,000 times with no draw on city water
  • The buildings at West 5 will use between 20 and 40% less energy than their equivalent standard dwelling.
  • Approximately 2,500 jobs will be created over the 10 year construction period.



For more information, please contact:
Janet Paolatto Director, Corporate Planning
Sifton Properties Limited
Phone: 519-434-1000