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Guidelines for Applicants

Our main funding areas

We hope to foster a better future by assisting children, youth and their families.

Secondary funding areas

We consider requests in aid of persons with disabilities and seniors on a project by project

Matching Grants

In addition to the above the foundation matches donations made by employees of Sifton
Properties Limited across a wide spectrum of charitable giving.

General guidelines

The Foundation favours initiatives (within our main funding areas) that help address
social-economic needs.

We give funds for specific projects only.

Our giving is slanted towards organizations that utilize volunteers.

We prefer to make a worthwhile contribution to each project. Requests for single year
grants are generally between $5,000 and $25,000. Multiyear grants for larger amounts
are considered.

Geographic area confined to London and Middlesex County and other centres where
Sifton Properties Limited has employees (Guelph, Brantford, Kitchener Waterloo and

Of Special Interest to the Foundation

  • Programs for school age children
  • Programs that address food security for children and youth
  • Programs that encourage youth to stay in school
  • Programs to prevent teen pregnancy
  • Parenting and pre-parenting education, especially for teens

Types of project supported (within our funding areas only)

  • Pilot projects
  • Matching funds
  • Developing or expanding programs
  • Participatory Grants

Projects not supported

  • Individuals and groups without charitable status
  • Religion, sports, politics
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Publications – books, CDs, etc.
  • Research projects
  • Travel and tour
  • Deficit financing
  • Camperships

Application procedure

As our application procedure takes time to complete, we request that applicants initially
send a short proposal of 1-2 pages. If the project fits within our interests, the applicant will
be invited to submit a complete proposal. Applications must follow the application in the
proper format. We cannot accept applications that haven’t followed this procedure.

Grants are made 3 times a year in May, September and December.

Successful applicants will be asked to develop an informal communication plan – the
success of which may determine future funding, and to submit an update to the board


Donna Thacker, Co-ordinator
The Sifton Family Foundation
P. O. Box 5099
London, ON N6A 4M8
(519) 434-1000 (519) 434-1009 (fax)

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