40 Years at Southwest One

Charlotte L.

I really have lived here for 40 years. It is a long time considering it was to be a temporary arrangement, but it was not long until we felt very comfortable and the subject of moving came up less and less. Jack retired, and we started to travel, and it was a perfect situation.

The property has always been well cared for and enhanced by trees and flowers. You can imagine the growth of trees in so many years, there has been drastic change in the area north of commissioners. There were no buildings. It was a beautiful forest/field with winding paths, wildflowers, small animals, and the occasional deer. It was a water shed, so there was even a pond that came and went, along with the ducks. Then came Longworth (a blessing) and more housing, and the world progressed.

Then we had the season of siding. We were to have new siding on all buildings, and when the old stuff was taken off they found that squirrels had created apartments within each building. It was a long process for the work to be completed, and for our patience and understanding (most of the time) Mr. Sifton thanked us with an amazing BBQ. It was held outdoors in centre court with white linen, waiters and wine. It was a wonderful steak dinner and a fine toast to our new shingles.

Before the Community Room there was only the pool for interaction between buildings. It was a popular place and good friendships were formed. I don’t remember the year the Community Room was opened, but my first thought was bridge. The response to the idea of a bridge club was amazing and so the ladies bridge club was formed and we usually had four tables in play. We took time out for chatter, cookies, and coffee, and came to know one another. Then the men decided to join us which was a good thing. They did take away the chatter and cookies, but we could have coffee if we drank it while we played. True story!

I feel Sifton has been a perfect landlord. The few problems that have ever arisen have been dealt with immediately. Richard Sifton has always been supportive through community room undertakings, the Christmas Party, Quarter Century Club, etc.

I will share this. I live at the very end of our long hall. Since my grandchildren were toddlers and came to visit, I have stood outside my apartment door, and they have run the distance into my arms. They now have children of their own who are continuing the tradition. Sometimes the parents still run with them. They are some of life’s most precious moments. Couldn’t happen without a Southwest One hallway.