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Simplify Your Wedding in 4 Easy Steps

The countdown begins! If you are just getting started and feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of planning the “best day of your life”, join the club! While planning a celebration this important involves many moving parts, it doesn’t have to be stressful. A simplified approach may be perfect for you and your spouse-to-be.  Here are 4 key areas to consider:

1. Keep the guest list and wedding party small
There are a few good reasons to keep your wedding on the smaller side. More people mean more personalities to juggle and more chance for conflict – not something you want on your big day. Sticking to a small, tight-knit wedding party will help you avoid unnecessary drama. Not to mention you’ll save lots of money by keeping to a lean guest list.

2. Streamline your organization
There are so many books and lists out there to help brides stay on course for the big day – try to pick just one! Decide on a wedding checklist that feels right for you and stick to it. This will go a long way to ensuring you don’t get too overwhelmed in your planning. Keep track of your appointments; monitor your funds keep your next steps top of mind. Here is a great book we would recommend from Indigo.

3. Trust the professionals you hire
Leave the work to the professionals you hire.  From wedding planners, to florists, to bakers, choose professionals who have received glowing reviews from past couples and you’ll be set.  Be sure to explain your vision and then let them do their job. Hiring a good team will leave you feeling confident – it’s their job to have your back!

4. The more people you ask, the more difficult it will be to make a decision
Turning to friends and family for wedding advice is totally understandable. However, you need to remember that the more people you ask, the more opinions you’ll receive, making a decision even more stressful. Identify one or two people who you can turn to for the most trusted advice. At the end of the day, this is your day and you have the final say!

Remember to have fun, take a deep breath and enjoy this time in your life, you’ll be glad you did. Happy planning!