Knowing When It’s the Right Time

There is no definitive time to consider seniors living accommodations for yourself or a loved one, but there are a number of signs that may reveal the time is right, or right around the corner for a better lifestyle solution.

Managing day-to-day

Requiring support to manage daily living tasks such as buying groceries, getting to medical appointments and routine household chores can be a sign that times are changing. Quite often, changes in health affect mobility and the ability to manage demands such as medications, home maintenance, personal hygiene and nutrition. Diminished day-to-day coping skills can lead to unpaid bills, medication mix-ups, poor meals and increased personal risks. When a senior becomes over extended trying to cope with routines that were previously much easier to maintain, it’s a clear sign that the time is right for change.

When the old gang has moved on

Social isolation is also a very important sign that times have changed. The old neighbourhood is no longer what it used to be, old friends have moved on and the new neighbouring families are young and different. Long term friends have moved to be closer to their grown children, spouses have passed on and there is less presence of the “old gang”. Driving to and from social engagements becomes a concern, the variable weather and loss of daylight hours limit the amount of comfortable travelling time. Families are stretched far and wide and not always close by to lean on. Living alone in your own home is not the best solution when you’re left spending it alone.


Are you part of the “Sandwich Generation”?

The Sandwich Generation is defined as those who are responsible for both younger and older family members. They are supporting a senior who wants to remain in their own home and tending to their everyday needs, such as grocery shopping, appointments, home maintenance and even their social calendar – resulting in significant stress related to only the best intentions. They may experience financial loss because they are taking time away from work, miss time with their children and spouse and feel incredible amounts of pressure to fit it all into a day. And the physical and emotional stress only grows more when worrying about the future.

Once you have decided for yourself that a change is in order, the options can be overwhelming.  Consider including other family members in the discussions, research different lifestyle options and look at the choices positively with the key desires of your loved one kept top of mind.

Start a new chapter

Consider a lifestyle that provides your loved one with engaging social activities, recreation opportunities and fitness geared to seniors. Ensure they’ll enjoy freshly prepared nutritious and delicious meals, housekeeping /maintenance services that will support your loved one at their very best. With less worry day to day it allows time to enjoy this next chapter of life in the convenience and comfort a retirement residence. Our Residences offer personalized support and varied levels of care to meet the unique needs of yourself or a loved one.  Our on-site amenities, wellness services and social activities are geared to ensure new friendships and revive interests by making every day enjoyable for all in a comfortable and embracing way.