n: a senior who feels like a teenager

Simply put, a Senager is a senior who enjoys life and feels young at heart.  Are you a senior with a genuine zest for life, who loves to laugh and live in the moment?  Then you are a Senager!

senager-8-ev The teenage years are a time of transition when we blossom from child to adulthood.  Similarly, the same experience may be felt by seniors transitioning from working life to retirement. Retirement is a journey from one style of responsibility to another – one that’s more carefree, granting us new found freedom.

Senager’s enjoy the day, seize opportunity, and grab hold of new adventures! They know that life’s journey is just as important as the destination – and they embrace each day with positivity and excitement.


They don’t have to go to work.

They have their own place.

They don’t have a curfew.

They spend each day doing whatever they want to do.

They embrace their own personal style.

They dance like no one is watching.

They may even like to drive fancy sports cars.

And they face new adventures with best friends alongside them, not afraid of anything – they have lived through it all!

senager-11-rwWhat are some of the characteristics of a Senager?

We reach an age when our enjoyment of life can be burdened by our resistance to change, but just like transitioning from our teenage years, when we seek out like-minded people to share our life experiences with, we find comfort and excitement when facing the next chapter.

Whether you love to play the piano, golf, cards, or follow a favorite sporting event, those passions stay with you in retirement and at Sifton Retirement Residences, we provide opportunities each and every day for our residents to rekindle the spark and awaken the Senager inside them!