The Benefits of Zumba for Seniors

Introduced in the late 1900s, Zumba has gained recognition within the realm of fitness as a fun and exciting approach to exercise. This innovated approach was developed by Columbian choreographer, Alberto Pérez, who combined his passions of dance, aerobics and Latin music to form a new style of fitness. In 2001, Pérez formed partnership with Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion to launch and trademark Zumba Fitness, LLC. Together the trio launched a series of videos sold though infomercials resulting in great success. Just over a decade later in 2012, the company expanded into live class instruction, and by 2015, there were nearly 14 million Zumba students in 186 countries across the globe.

Zumba offers a wide range of benefits for those of all ages and varying capabilities. While it may feel like dancing rather than a workout routine, Zumba utilizes interval and resistance training techniques to help participants improve their overall physical health and well-being. By making the body active, Zumba has been found to improve cardiovascular health, increase metabolism and reduce blood pressure. Zumba also offers a number of cognitive and social benefits. Maintaining coordination is an important aspect of Zumba, helping participants optimize brain activity and thereby enhance balance and agility. In addition, music being an essential part of Zumba can help relieve stress and decrease anxiety. The social experience of Zumba allows for participants to interact with others leading to the fostering of meaningful relationships. For seniors who are at risk of social isolation, Zumba offers an excellent outlet for socialization and an opportunity to form a safe space within the community.

As we age, it is a common misconception that we must pace ourselves and become more sedentary. Although it becomes gradually more difficult to keep up with we did in our younger days, it does not mean older adults have to give up on living an active and fulfilling lifestyle. For that reason, inclusive and adaptable exercise programs, such as Zumba, are essential for promoting the processes healthy and active aging.

With Sifton Retirement Living, health and fitness are crucial to the wellbeing of our residents. Each Residence has an on-site Recreation Manager who curates fun, engaging and enriching activities every month. These include:

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