You’re on the move!

Don’t get overwhelmed – get organized! We want your move to be smooth and we are ready to help. A moving-out checklist is an easy way to stay organized and ensure that you have a plan. Once you have a plan things will fall right into place – your place, your new home.


  • Talk with our Residence Manager to ensure that you have the details on when the suite/apartment will be ready for you and your furniture.
  • A week before make an appointment with your Residence Manager to complete signing the Residency Agreement.
  • Set a move in date: Select a date and confirm it with our Residence Manager. We can suggest a Seniors moving company, if you wish. We also recommend that you get a couple of estimates from other movers that have been vetted by your local Better Business Bureau. Seniors moving companies have seen many seniors such as yourself go through this process. They can supply boxes, wardrobes, bubble wrap and an estimate of the time it will take to move. We can supply door stops, dollies and key control of the move in elevator.
  • Confirm the moving time with our Residence Manager so that they can be prepared for you and can book the moving elevator. Meal time is very busy elevator time so we may need to adjust accordingly.



  • You will need a void cheque for electronic payment of your monthly fee.
  • Obtain your new home floor plan and take pictures of your new home.
  • Tenant Insurance is required, please notify your insurance provider.
  • Establish your emergency contacts – who to call if needed. Gather their home, work and mobile phone numbers, plus mailing address and email address if possible.
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care and also any Power of Attorney Financial documents should be on your file with the Residence. We are happy to take copies and return to you.
  • As part of the Assessment process you will indicate your attending doctor and any pertinent health history. If relocating from out of town, referrals to local providers may be necessary.
  • Screening for Tuberculosis is required by chest x- ray. The Wellness Manager will follow up with you on these details.
  • Confirmation of your date of birth.
  • Any third party insurance you may have such as Veterans or private coverage is helpful to have on hand.
  • Driver’s license, car make and model, and license plate number for parking assignment, if required.


  • We will assist you in sending Change of Address Cards to your friends, along with complimentary postage (up to 10 cards).

You will also want to contact the following list of service providers:

  • Telephone – you will need to cancel your existing service if your new home includes telephone service as an amenity, OR you will need to contact your provider to transfer your existing service to your new residence. Confirm with your Residence what is included in your suite.
  • Cable/Internet – ask your Residence for the contact numbers for their specific Bell or Rogers Customer Service agents to arrange hook up.
  • Arrange for a final water, gas, and electric reading at your current home.
  • Notify credit card companies of your move.
  • Notify Old Age Pension, Canada Revenue Agency, and any banking institutions that you use.
  • Re-route your newspaper subscription, along with any magazine subscriptions and they will be delivered directly to you in your new home.
  • Contact the local post office to forward any mail and provide a change of address to forward any stray mailings.


  • Decide what you want to bring with you – what will fit and what won’t. Take pictures to help you visualize space and your furniture. Sort items at your current address in KEEP, DONATE and TRASH piles.
  • If you need to confirm measurements, please feel free to ask and we will confirm floor plan details.
  • If you would like custom paint colours in your suite/apartment, please feel free to ask and we will give you an estimate. We have a short list of contractors willing to take on the job.
  • Custom drapery is permitted although not required as we supply modest neutral window coverings.
  • Scatter rugs are not encouraged as they may be a tripping hazard. Be very careful covering the wall to wall carpet already installed for your comfort.
  • We encourage you to bring pictures to hang on your walls and we can help hang them on moving day or whenever you have determined just the right placement.
  • Storage space is minimal, so plan wisely. A good rule of thumb is to bring anything that can be carried out by a person with a car. Be very firm in deciding large items like beds, tables, couches, etc. that require time for the movers to coordinate.
  • Check all cords on electrical appliances and lamps for frays and CSA approvals. If absent they may need to be replaced.
  • Valuables and money should be stored in a mobile safe. We recommend that you have a safe for your suite/apartment for added security.
  • You won’t require much actual money, so we recommend only a small amount be kept on hand. Sign as much as you like to your monthly statement.
  • We are happy to recommend a downsizing company to help you. Feel free to contact us to find out more.
  • Bring three sets of sheet linens for your bed and include mattress pads and personal pillows. We recommend a full mattress cover and mattress pad. We will change them weekly with your full housekeeping.
  • Kleenex, soap and toiletries, air freshener, and a customized door wreath are all essential to feeling at home. Add your personal touch!
  • Other items to remember are: waste basket, laundry hamper, clothes hangers, shower curtain, bath mat any matching linens or towels.
  • Bring along assistive devices or mobility equipment including a raised toilet seat, walker, or scooter.


  • A few days before moving day create a schedule for the big day. Who, what, when and how things are going to unfold. Share it with our Residence Manager and we will work with you to ensure all the details are looked after. A quick check-in makes all the difference in confirming your expectations with us.
  • Pack a light suitcase with your overnight requirements; medications, change of clothes, toiletries, etc.
  • We offer light refreshments to welcome you and your family on the day of the move; coffee, tea, water and a light snack. Please enjoy lunch or dinner with our compliments for yourself and up to three guests. Confirm your arrangements with the Manager one day before moving day and we will be ready.
  • Our staff will be waiting to welcome you! Your suite/apartment will be clean and ready for your set up. You will meet a number of people the first day; reception, managers, and the nursing staff will greet you and spend a few minutes with you.
  • A full suite/apartment review will be undertaken on moving day, and again over the first week or so to ensure that you feel comfortable with the door locks, call system, heating and temperature control and any other equipment on site. Our maintenance staff is available daily to assist as needed. A list of onsite contact telephone numbers are left with you for ease of use anytime.
  • If you are moving in with your pet, you will need to ensure that care is taken to settle your pet after all the moving has taken place. Ensure that you have a pet agreement signed and you know your responsibilities.
  • We ‘d like to introduce you to others as soon as possible. The day of moving is usually not the best day to meet others but be prepared to meet new people and get involved as soon as you can. The Monthly Calendar of events will be left with you so you can choose a few things to ease into. We will gladly make arrangements to introduce you to others with similar interests over the next few days and weeks.

Welcome to your new home. We are so very happy to have you!