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Just Between Friends: Meet Gwen

Just Between Friends - Meet GwenBefore I made the move to Longworth, we owned a beautiful house on Commissioners Road with quite a lot of property to look after.  Without my husband it became quite a chore to get the right helpers, and after a couple falls my family was concerned about me living alone.  It was well-known to me that Longworth was the best home to retire to and I had a friend here that I had visited, and I really  liked the atmosphere.

Around that time my daughter visited several retirement homes and decided that this was definitely her final choice, and knew it would be mine as well.  The location was very important to both of us as she and my other child live just 15 minutes away, making it very easy for them to visit without it being an inconvenience.  She also remarked on the cleanliness of Longworth.  I was quite happy living in my own home and keeping my own company, but I soon found out that having a friend around to talk to was much better - especially one I had known for 50 years!

I would definitely recommend Longworth to anyone.  The staff are so happy all the time and hence, we all are as well.  There is always lots of laughter and the food is tasty (especially the desserts). It is much better for you to enjoy a healthy diet daily because often times you won’t bother to cook one for yourself. My favourite activities are trivia games in the afternoon, playing euchre and enjoying live concerts here.  I don’t like to get up too early, and that’s okay, I can plan my own day around what works for me.

I have a beautiful suite that opens out onto the garden and plenty of room to keep some special pieces of my furniture from my prior home. But you also come to realize when downsizing that you don’t really need all that stuff. 

When my family visits we enjoy meals in the family dining room and just talk, talk, talk! I am very happy here at Longworth.