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Just Between Friends

Just Between Friends: Meet Lois

Just Between Friends - LoisI used to call Burlington home, where I lived in a house for some time. After my husband passed away I wanted to be closer to my family and looked at retirement residences because it was more convenient than living in an apartment alone.  

My daughter in law researched two or three residences before arriving at The Westhill, and it was so bright and welcoming. The front lobby is beautiful and I love the openness of the building. The location was very important as my son and his wife wanted me to be closer to them and the family. My daughter in law helped me separate what I needed and what I didn’t – she helped prepare me to start a new life!

The people here are very friendly and when I arrived I had a great resident mentor who invited me to things and got me involved in all the activities, allowing me to meet other residents. One of the things I found difficult was coping with the loss of new friends and acquaintances, I had never really thought about that aspect of retirement living.  What I found helpful is to get out and see youth, especially spending time with my children and grandchildren. I enjoy the excursions we take on The Westhill bus, and getting to see and experience new things along the way.

My advice to others looking for a new place to call home is to give yourself time, adjusting to a smaller space can be challenging, but be sure to bring things that are important to you and you’ll find your way.  My den has become my quilt room and I love it!

My family really enjoys their visits.  My grandchildren have gone to exercise classes, we’ve enjoyed family dinners in the dining room and my daughter joins me for the theatre excursions. My children even come to the bar on Friday’s to have a drink with me!