Pimms & Peonies

West 5 was the optimal location for Pimms & Peonies. It wasn’t a matter of just “let’s open a boutique”, it was a matter of “let’s open a boutique in West 5!”

What drew you to opening your women’s clothing boutique in West 5?

“With being a Byron/Riverbend resident for 12 years, I’ve been watching the growth and development here in West 5. Over the years, I have become very involved with the community via kids attending the neighbourhood school, fellow mom social circles, and supporting local businesses. I had mentioned to my mother (and business partner – who at the time was deciding on her retirement journey) and we came up with our vision to work alongside each other in a boutique where we can connect with the West 5 community. We wanted to be a part of the growth and success West 5 has to offer. Once we decided, there was no other community we’d rather be in. In terms of our vision and demographic, West 5 was the optimal location for Pimms & Peonies to thrive. It wasn’t a matter of just “let’s open a boutique”, it was a matter of “let’s open a boutique in West 5!”

Can you describe your experience designing and building your new space with Sifton?

“We had our own vision for our aesthetic, vibe, etc. and when collaborating with Sifton to build our storefront, they understood our brand and overall design vision right away. After a few simple meetings in the Sifton Centre, they had design plans in place and all we had to do was sit back and sign off on them. The designer knew exactly what we had envisioned. Watching it all come to life, and being a part of the decision making made the entire process seamless, enjoyable and so very exciting!”

How do you feel your experience in the fashion industry will add value to West 5? How do you feel it will help you grow into a community partner?

“With my background in Fashion Business Marketing & Merchandising, I was able to implement a business plan that would allow West 5 to reap the benefits of embracing a woman’s clothing boutique. Not only do we keep up with trends, but we also curate our collections to ensure the utmost ethical footprint as we are aware of the negative impacts the fashion industry can have on the Earth. We are not about “fast fashion”, but rather investing in sustainable pieces that you can incorporate into your existing wardrobe. We live by ‘quality over quantity’ when it comes to curating our collections.”

In choosing West 5 for your women’s clothing boutique, how has Sifton supported you in establishing a trusting relationship?

“Sifton has completely exceeded our expectations with building this business relationship. We feel so supported with regards to marketing and anything else we may need to ensure we start off strong in this community. We have had so much support, we are completely thrilled we are here and cannot wait for many many many years growing with and strengthening this community.”

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Located at: 1325 Riverbend Rd. – Suite 170
Phone Number: 519-200-4337