Stretch Health Canada

Stretch Health Canada is excited about delivering a new and unique modality that has already helped thousands of people improve their chronic pain and flexibility. Overall, I believe our business will compliment all the other surrounding businesses who are also in the health & wellness space. It’s exciting to be a part of such a health-conscious community, because at the end of the day they understand the true value of preventative health.

What made you decide to come to West 5?

“There were a few things that drew me and my company to West 5. Firstly, the impressive growth of the area in such a short period. This gave me confidence that the population density in West 5 would continue to grow over time. The other factor was the wonderful attention to aesthetic and function. Everything in West 5 feels like it brings an ultimate level of modernization, sophistication, and function. Somedays just walking around the neighborhood makes you feel like you’ve been transported somewhere far away from London.”

Can you describe the design and building process?

“The design process overall was very streamlined. We had a straightforward design in mind that was executed brilliantly by everyone involved, and watching the space take shape was truly exciting to see. To sum up the process, I’d say it was very smooth, easy, and fun.”

How has Sifton supported your business so far?

“Sifton has been nothing short of amazing thus far. I’ve already started telling all my business colleagues about my experience and how professional the team has been throughout this process. I feel like Sifton has really shown that they truly care about seeing their tenants achieve success, which unfortunately can’t be said for many landlords. Sifton has set the new bar for standards, quality, and attention to detail as a landlord. I feel like Stretch Health Canada will make them proud!”

Be sure to visit the Stretch Health Canada website for more information, and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram to welcome them to our West 5 community!

Located at: 1295 Riverbend Road – Helio ground floor
Phone Number: 519-719-9895