Dedicated to Going Green!

We are proudly ending 2017 with a renewed focus on Going Green!


Want to know how we made our residential homes a little greener?

  • We replaced 55,000 light bulbs in units in London, Brantford, Guelph with LED bulbs. An average LED bulb uses 50% less electricity than an incandescent bulb, resulting in cost savings to you and less carbon impact on our local environment!
  • We welcomed almost 40 new residents to our West 5 Community, Ontario’s first Net Zero community. Each West 5 Townhome uses approximately 40% less hydro than a traditional style home of the same size.
  • Sifton has started converting its fleets of lawn mowers, and trimmers over to battery powered models in London and Guelph. One lawnmower emits 48 Kg. of greenhouse gas per season; this is the same amount as running 40 new cars for 1 Hr. So the change to battery powered equipment is a clear way to Go Green!
  • Our Guelph residential team harvested vegetables and herbs in edible community gardens this year. Crops include kale and swiss chard and items were made available in the Guelph office for residents to enjoy!
  • We replaced parking garage lighting and exterior pole lighting with LED bulbs in London and installed our first solar street light in Guelph.
  • Sifton replaced over 200 fridges with Energy Star fridges, which use 40% less energy than older models.
  • We replaced close to 100 windows and patio doors this year with Energy Star certified products that provide higher insulation and reduced air loss. These changes allow us to reduce the overall temperatures in buildings and save on energy usage.

All of these amazing initiatives were the result of considerable planning and hard work by the teams across London, Brantford and Guelph. In November of this year, Sifton was recognized with the award of Environmental Excellence at the Federation of Rental Properties of Ontario’s Annual MAC Gala and Awards Ceremony!

So, what’s in store in terms of our Go Green Initiatives?
Stay Tuned in 2018 for Details On

  • Toilet and Shower Head Replacement Programs (expected to start in 2018 and continue into 2020)
  • Continuation of solar street lighting and additional LED exterior lighting
  • Sensor lighting in building stairwells and common areas to reduce overall hydro usage
  • Creation of additional community gardens
  • An increase to our battery operated lawn equipment
  • A continuation of our appliance and window replacement programs with Energy Star products

Thank You to our residents for your feedback, your participation and your support of our various Go Green projects. We look forward to staying green in 2018!

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