Our Story


A century ago, the very first Sifton-built home stood proudly at 587 Rosedale Avenue. Looking back, it's amazing to see how far we've come on this incredible journey. Over the years, we've had the honour of being part of countless unforgettable moments and significant milestones, and we're deeply grateful for each and every one.

For generations, the Sifton family has poured their hearts into building communities. With one hundred years of experience shaping our path, we've learned that every customer's story is as unique as they are. It's this understanding that drives us to continually strive for excellence and create homes and experiences that truly resonate with each individual.

A Family Company

Sifton has always been, and will always be, a family owned and operated organization. Our company behaves like a family and when you’re working with us, you feel part of that family. We recognize our employees’ invaluable contributions and expertise through our rewards program, milestone recognition, and appreciation events – like our seasonal celebrations. We also foster long-standing relationships with our customers through personalized welcome gestures, milestone celebrations and regular social events such as pop-up concerts, community food truck visits, and local barbeques.

“Neighbours greet one another with a smile, we spend endless hours on the nature trails that surround our home, and my son is just steps from his school. We love our Sifton community.”

- Angela W., Sifton Homebuyer

Writing the Next Chapter

Right from the beginning, our Sifton family has known that the walls we raise and the foundations we lay, are much more than just the bare bones of a building. These are walls that will hold cherished memories, and foundations for new experiences. With every home we build, with every unit we rent, and with every space we lease, it is the start of a new chapter in your story and ours.

As a Sifton customer and member of our family, we want to know more about you. We listen to your individual needs, learn about your goals for the future, and understand your dreams. It’s these little glimpses into who you are that allow us to do our best work, and help find the right fit for you and your lifestyle — whatever that may be.

“Now that I have made the move, I am so happy. I love my suite. It is so nice and bright, and everyone is so friendly.”

- Beth E., Resident of a Sifton Retirement Residence

A Better Tomorrow

Understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of every milestone in our customer’s lives has inspired us to build better communities for tomorrow. It has given us the confidence to be innovative in our approach, the courage to follow our instincts, and the motivation required to continue shaping skylines across Ontario. We recognize the importance of building a sense of community into our neighbourhoods, and creating spaces that bring people together – such as courtyards, swimming pools, and parks that connect the areas surrounding them.

“Since my grandchildren were toddlers and came to visit, I have stood outside my apartment door, and they have run the distance into my arms. They now have children of their own who are continuing the tradition.”

- Charlotte L. Resident of 40 years at Southwest One

Innovative Thinking

Before we break ground on any new project we always ask ourselves how our vision will benefit the community and those who live there. Our future-forward thinking challenges us to consider those who will live there generations from now. It is with great care and a sense of civic responsibility that we do all we can to future-proof our communities, by researching and sourcing sustainable alternatives and advanced technologies meant to reduce our combined carbon footprint. It’s through this approach that we’ve been able to develop Ontario’s first net-zero community – West 5. Plans for new neighbourhoods and communities are always developed with nature trails and greenspaces in mind, as these are the areas that not only help to support active living and a connection to nature, but aid in offsetting our emissions. While we embrace change and broadening our horizons, it’s important to us that decisions are made with the future and well-being of the community and its members in mind.

“I feel like Sifton has really shown that they truly care about seeing their tenants achieve success. Sifton has set the new bar for standards, quality, and attention to detail as a landlord. The design we had in mind was executed brilliantly by everyone involved.”

– Stretch Health Canada, Sifton Retail Space Tenant

Giving Back

It’s always been extremely important to the Sifton family to be gracious and charitable in support of our communities and to encourage our employees to do the same. With a focus on enriching the lives of children, youth and their families, we are committed to strengthening the cities we serve, and building an organization that we can be proud of.

“I love living here, it's very quiet, close to many amenities, our neighbours are really nice and friendly and our unit is very comfortable and has everything we want inside.”

- Leticia V., West 5 Community Resident

A Brighter Future

It all started in 1923 with a family‘s dream to introduce new ideas and create the stories of first apartments, welcoming family homes, relaxing retirement, and ideal office and retail spaces. It is our hope that the communities we build today will still be standing strong a century from now, as we work towards establishing a better and brighter future for all.

Experience what it means to be part of our family, as we help you write the next chapter in yours story.