Quick Closings

If you’re looking for a brand new home and want to move in within 120 days, a Sifton express home might be perfect for you. Quick closing homes are just as they sound! Whether you’re looking for a one-floor condo or a two-storey single-family home, the quick closing option allows you to find the perfect Sifton home and move in sooner than a traditional new home build.

Many of our quick closing homes include built-in options and upgrades. Speak to a Sales Associate for detailed pricing.

*Actual homes may not be exactly as shown on the plans.

    Brittany Ready headshot

    Sales Associate — Rosewood and Clear Skies

    Agent name:

    Brittany Ready

    Phone number:

    p: (226) 926-8196

    Barb Owens professional headshot

    Sales Associate — Whispering Pine

    Agent name:

    Barb Owens

    Phone number:

    p: 519-200-9765