Available Suites

We continue to welcome new tenants and accommodate growing, existing tenants as they move to larger Sifton suites. Leasing activity both downtown and in West 5 has been busy – check out what is available now!

BuildingFloorSuiteSq FtTypeFloor PlanVirtual Tour
The Sifton Centre11322098Retail
The Sifton Centre11302288Retail
One London Place2525004683OfficeView Floor Plan
One London Place2323502332OfficeView Floor Plan
One London Place1818502320OfficeView Floor Plan
One London Place18180014011Office
One London Place1616601536OfficeView Floor PlanView Virtual Tour
One London Place1616401627OfficeView Floor Plan
One London Place22501380Office
Hēlio111457RetailView Floor Plan
Hēlio121506RetailView Floor Plan
Hēlio133072RetailView Floor Plan
Hēlio141579RetailView Floor Plan
Hēlio151608RetailView Floor Plan
Hēlio163021RetailView Floor Plan
Hēlio172171RetailView Floor Plan
Hēlio182934RetailView Floor Plan
495 Richmond St.55021294OfficeView Floor Plan
495 Richmond St.22506539OfficeView Floor Plan
495 Richmond St.11041522RetailView Floor PlanView Virtual Tour
495 Richmond St.11021192RetailView Virtual Tour
285 King St44103359OfficeView Floor PlanView Virtual Tour
285 King St2240735OfficeView Floor Plan
285 King St2203559OfficeView Floor PlanView Virtual Tour
200 Queens Ave.66503689OfficeView Floor Plan
200 Queens Ave.66152170OfficeView Virtual Tour
200 Queens Ave.55017038OfficeView Floor Plan
200 Queens Ave.44802062OfficeView Floor Plan
200 Queens Ave.4460787Office
200 Queens Ave.4430486OfficeView Floor Plan
200 Queens Ave.33152026Office
200 Queens Ave.33022226OfficeView Floor PlanView Virtual Tour
200 Queens Ave.1105383Retail
200 Queens Ave.1107796Retail
171 Queens Ave.880011919OfficeView Floor Plan
171 Queens Ave.55011392OfficeView Floor Plan
171 Queens Ave.3340972Office
171 Queens Ave.33203185OfficeView Virtual Tour
171 Queens Ave.33051362Office
171 Queens Ave.11002433RetailView Floor PlanView Virtual Tour
1305 Riverbend Road1140840RetailView Floor PlanView Virtual Tour
1305 Riverbend Road220010209OfficeView Floor PlanView Virtual Tour
1305 Riverbend Road3300555OfficeView Floor Plan
1305 Riverbend Road3305731OfficeView Floor Plan
1305 Riverbend Road33081620OfficeView Floor Plan
1305 Riverbend Road3310780OfficeView Floor Plan
1305 Riverbend Road33151089OfficeView Floor Plan
1305 Riverbend Road33201104OfficeView Floor Plan
1305 Riverbend Road33503550OfficeView Floor Plan
1305 Riverbend Road44004044OfficeView Floor Plan
1305 Riverbend Road44013122OfficeView Floor Plan
1305 Riverbend Road44023043OfficeView Floor Plan