Feel the Energy. West 5.

West 5. The most visionary, experiential lifestyle destination. Ever. It will change everything. How you work, shop, live, play and get inspired. West 5 is innovative and sustainable, connected, interconnected and in tune with your lifestyle. Located in West London, West 5 is over 70 acres being developed by Sifton Properties over the next 10 years.

Richard Sifton formally unveiled West 5 at the 2015 Lifestyle Home Show. West 5 will be one of the world’s most state-of-the-art SMART communities. The first building, which will be home to the Sifton Head Office, will be net-zero which means it will produce all the energy it uses.

Janet Paolatto, director of corporate planning, said, “We’re building a community that will be net-zero and generate all the power it needs. “It’s never been done in Ontario. This is leading-edge from an industry perspective. Sifton has a history of being first in a lot of things.”

Some of the elements include e-vehicle charging stations, urban gardens, solar rooftops and rainwater harvesting in a mix of townhouses, condos, apartments, commercial and retail buildings.

“We’re taking protecting the environment to another level, well beyond the current standards,” Paolatto said. “It will be a 100% energy-efficient community.”

West 5 is a mixed-use development that will change how you live. From solar-powered streetlights to dog parks, retail shops and amphitheatres, West 5 is the next level in building communities. A vibrant central park, full of art, culture and energy. Design forward office and retail space. Plus modern new townhomes, condos, apartments and retirement residences. Everything that matters, in one spectacular place.

Source London Free Press Signature Homes & Renovations