5 Clear Advantages to Buying a New Home

5 Clear Advantages to Buying a New Home - gallery 1

Buying a home is a highly personal decision that impacts your quality of life right now and your financial well-being in the future. To make the best choice, consider more than a residence’s curb appeal or number of bathrooms.

While there can be good value in pre-owned properties, purchasing a newly constructed home has many advantages – including the protection of your investment and peace of mind. Rather than inheriting the previous owner’s unattractive colour scheme and questionable do-it-yourself repairs, move into a new, professionally designed and intelligently engineered home, finished to your tastes.

Get what you want and know what you’re getting with a new home built for you

Professionally built to modern codes

Unlike some older houses, new homes aren’t concealing mould, corroded pipes or unapproved handyman engineering, wiring or plumbing. By law, new homes must be built to meet or exceed current building code standards. Professional builders secure valid permits and have their workmanship verified by third-party inspections and approvals. Their after-sales service programs and warranties protect you and your home.

Today’s home construction techniques, technology and materials have greater durability. Everything is new, so you are free from the costly replacement of the roof, windows and heating, ventilation and cooling system for many years.

Comfortable and energy efficient

An Energy Star-certified new home provides assurances you can bank on. It’s easier to buy and budget for, particularly with incentives such as CMHC’s reduced premiums for high ratio loans. Above standard, quality construction is required to achieve Energy Star certification.

Breathe easier with improved air quality and a healthier home environment, courtesy of a high-efficiency HVAC system that keeps you comfortable in all seasons with controlled fresh air introduced to your home. Compared to a previously owned property, your newly built home can save 20 to 30 per cent just in energy operations costs. When you are ready to sell, your energy-efficient home will potentially capture a better price than a resale home built to pre-2012 codes.

Plugged in to today’s technology

Whether you want to keep your tech needs simple with cable television, wi-fi and home phone service or opt for cutting-edge smart home technology such as controlling lights, thermostat and security your new home can be conveniently pre-wired to your meet your specific requirements. The latest technology is also within your home’s construction and finishing materials, such as moisture-resistant engineered flooring and low VOC and odour-free paint.

Designed for you

Instead of renovating an old property indoors and out, save money and hassle by personalizing your new home, built to your specifications. If the builder offers a professional decorating service, collaborate with the pros to achieve your dream home.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

From the moment the professional builder puts the keys into your hands, your property is protected by a new home warranty protection plan. When you entrust your new home build to Sifton Properties Limited, you are looked after by reputable, licensed and accountable contractors, an interior designer and professional sales associates.

“We provide expert guidance through the purchase and building process of your home,” assures Gillian Richardson, Sifton sales associate.

Sharon Riopelle, Sifton sales associate, observes: “New home building technology has advanced so much, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the benefits of a more comfortable, quiet, healthier and energy-efficient home?”