Best Community Parks and Playgrounds for Summer Fun in London, Ontario

Are you looking for the best playgrounds in London, Ontario, this summer? There’s nothing like spending the afternoon outdoors with family and friends. The parks and playgrounds in London, Ontario have so much to offer! We’re uncovering all the best splash pads London Ontario has, along with green spaces, playgrounds, and community parks. Read this article to find out which parks are the best for all the fun summer activities on your list!

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Best Playgrounds in London Ontario

Finding the best playgrounds in London, Ontario, isn’t very hard. There is one tucked around nearly every corner! We’ve rounded up the best playgrounds in London, Ontario, and share important details about each one. We’ll also share where you can cool off with a variety of exciting splash pads in London Ontario, along with the best parks for sports, walking, and parks that are easily accessible and offer a paved path.

Springbank Park Playground – 1085 Commissioners Road West

This 140-hectare accessible playground located along the Thames River is only a few years old. It is a fantastic park with plenty of activities for all ages to enjoy. The bottom of the park is softened by recycled rubber; making falls a bit more springy. Springbank Park Playground has a terrific zooming slide with various heights, many things to climb, swing on, slide down, and so much more. It’s a child’s dream! Springbank Park is also home to a terrific see-saw. It has a unique shape, and children flock to it!

Oakridge Optimist Park – 1201 Oxford Street West

Oakridge Optimist Park has a toddler-friendly playground and a big kid one too! It’s a perfect, family-friendly park with plenty of fun activities. The park has neat stepping games, an easy access ramp (perfect for those new walkers!), and a set of racer slides. Oakridge Optimist Park has public washrooms and a water fountain. It’s a terrific park to spend the day at as there is something for everyone!

Stronach Park Playground

Stronach Park – 1221 Sanford Street

Stronach Park has many trees which are ideal for providing shade on a hot summer’s day. The park has an exciting and good-sized rock wall, a decorative lizard to climb all over, a turny hamster wheel, and more. Stronach Park is a medium-sized park and is next to a community center, so there is access to public washrooms.

Community Heroes Park – 600 Kipps Lane

The community heroes park is a beautiful outdoor setting. The playground is equipped with blue racer slides, plenty of climbing activities and a rock wall. It’s perfect for all ages! In addition, there are excellent walking trails that weave in and out of the park as well. They take you on a path near the river, giving you an up close and personal take on nature. 

Lambeth Centennial Park – 7112 Beattie Street

Lambeth Centennial Park has a mini toddler section and a playground fit for older kids who like to monkey around. There are swings, slides, and a lovely shaded splash pad. The park has tons of swinging activities with plenty of opportunities for shade.

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Meadowgate Park – 3155 Meadowgate Boulevard

Meadowgate Park is a large sprawling outdoor space with a large playground and an equally big splash pad. It features a fantastic spot to hang out on hot summer afternoons and you might even want to stay into the evening as it makes longer stays more convenient with picnic shelters and bathroom facilities. The splash pad has multiple different water features perfect for both young and old!

Arthur Ford – 671 Viscount Road

Arthur Ford Park is a beautiful park. It features both a butterfly and hummingbird garden, benches to rest on, an amphitheater, and more than 50 species of magnificent, soaring trees.

Gibbons Park Playground

Belvedere Park – 65 Victor Street, London, Ontario

Belvedere Park is a bit of a hidden gem in London, Ontario. It has a great play structure and swing set. Belvedere Park is an enchanting little park with benches, a paved path, and much more.

Cheswick Park – 88 Lacey Crescent

Cheswick Park has a great playground, several benches, and a soccer field.

Ambleside Park – 257 Ambleside Drive, London, Ontario

Ambleside Park has a play structure, tennis court, and a mini-sized basketball court. It features paved paths, soccer nets, and a great environment for bike riding. Tie up your shoes and practice your soccer or field hockey skills at Ambleside Park!

Splash Pads, London Ontario

Visiting splash pads is a fun way to cool off during the summer. Not to mention, they’re super fun! They provide hours of sensory stimulation as children explore streams, sprays, and jet-forced water. In addition, splash pads are a great community resource that are accessible and free. Keep reading to find the best splash pads London, Ontario, has!

Gibbons Park Splashpad

Gibbons Park – 2A Grosvenor Street, London Ontario

Gibbons Park has a few options to cool down this summer. It’s situated on the Thames River, so it’s a gorgeous park to wander through. In addition, the park has two playgrounds, an outdoor pool, and a splash pad. The splash pad is terrific and brings great excitement to children! Several benches and a picnic table are carefully placed under oversized trees for lounging in the shade.

Springbank Park – 1085 Commissioners Road West

Springbank Park is picture-perfect. It has approximately thirty kilometers of trails waiting to be explored, great picnic spots, and is home to the popular family attraction, Storybook Gardens. Springbank Park offers a large wading pool to play in as well.

Ivey Park – 331 Thames Street

Ivey Park is a nice, multi-use green space with walking and cycling paths. It is located on the bank of the Thames River and features a small playground as well as a splashpad. It’s a great place to spend the afternoon enjoying the river, feeding the ducks, biking the paths and cooling off in the splashpad.

Terrific Sports Parks, London Ontario

Ed Blake Park – 449 Barker Street

Ed Blake Park is a great park to visit for hours of summer fun. It features paved paths, so hello, skateboarders, rollerbladers, cyclists, joggers, and everyone else! In addition, the park has a basketball court, soccer field, and ample open green space. 

Doidge Park – 300 Crowell Street

Doidge Park is a little hidden gem. It’s tucked away at the end of a dead-end street. It has ball fields, barbeque areas, and more.

Admiral Park – 284 Admiral Drive

Admiral Park offers several tennis courts. It’s a great place to practice that swing! In addition, Admiral Park also offers basketball courts and open green spaces. 

Ivey Park Splashpad

Carroll Park – 270 Ellerslie Road

Carroll Park is a fantastic park to practice your athletic skills. The park offers two tennis courts, a basketball court, and a paved path, perfect for all types of active transportation! In addition, Carroll Park offers a playground, benches, a picnic area, and much more.

Excellent Parks with Open Green Space, London Ontario

Brookside Park – 29 Brookside Street

Brookside Park is a fabulous place to hang out, chill out and enjoy nature. It offers an enormous amount of green space, and it’s very well taken care of.

A Few More To Visit:

Easy Accessible Parks/Paved Path Parks, London Ontario

Sometimes a beautiful walk is all you need to brighten your day. Many parks in this vibrant city are abundant with kilometers and kilometers of walking trails. Walking trails are well-maintained with benches, towering trees for shade, and plenty of garbage and recycling bins.

Springbank Park

Accessible Parks in London, Ontario:

Parks with Walking Trails, London Ontario

Parks with Excellent Walking Trails

West 5 Legacy Square

West 5 Legacy Square – Coming Summer 2023

West 5’s Legacy Square is designed to be an outdoor paradise. The 1.6-acre park will have a natural playground for children, an amphitheater, a stage, an interactive sundial, and a variety of art sculptures. In addition, there will be a meditative corner, spectacular gardens, and perfect walking trails. It’s currently under construction and is planned to be opened to the public in the summer of 2023.

London, Ontario, is perfect for families. It offers an abundance of community parks and playgrounds that are perfect for summer fun. This vibrant city has a park waiting for you, whether you’re looking for excellent walking trails, paved paths, sports fields, or exciting splash pads.