9 Essential Smartphone Apps for Seniors (Android & Apple)

Once you have your smartphone, there are countless apps available; some will make your life easier, some will help you pass the time. Unfortunately, this abundance can be problematic as it becomes difficult to navigate which apps are worth downloading. While you’re getting used to navigating your smartphone, here are some excellent apps to have downloaded.

1. MyID – Medical ID Profile

*Available for Both Android and iOS-iPhone

Another medical identification app, MyID, allows you to create a profile of your emergency information that will be accessible via a QR code on your phone’s lock screen. This app is free, but there is a paid version that has a few more features.

2. Find My Phone

*Available for Both Android and iOS-iPhone

If your phone is ever lost or stolen, this app locates your phone using its GPS. However, the app must be installed on your device before it is lost or stolen to work. After installation and setup, log in to the website to locate your device. You will also have access to the device’s previous locations.

3. Kindle

* Available for Both Android and iOS-iPhone

This app allows you to access ebooks – and magazines, newspapers, comics, and more – on your phone. While there is free content available in the Kindle store, most of the content will have to be purchased.

4. Libby App by OverDrive

* Available for Both Android and iOS-iPhone

Honestly, this is a must-have app for all people, not just seniors. Libby connects you to your local public library to check out digital copies of ebooks and audiobooks. Even better, you don’t have to go to the library to check out books physically; you do it all on your device. When the book is due back, it automatically returns itself. All that’s required is that you have an active library card.

5. Reading Glasses – Magnifier

* Available for Android Only-iPhone

With this app, you can use your smartphone to magnify and illuminate any fine print you may be having trouble reading. The app developers state that the image quality will depend on your phone’s camera and recommends cameras higher than 8 MP.

6. Glasses

*Available for iOS-iPhone Only

Similar to Reading Glasses for the Android platform, Glasses allows you to magnify and illuminate the things you’d like to read that are too small. In addition to magnifying the world around you, this app works with your selfie camera to illuminate and magnify your face

7. Words With Friends

*Available for Both Android and iOS-iPhone

This is a mobile game similar to Scrabble. You can challenge friends and loved ones, no matter how much distance is between you. You can also play with strangers. This game is fun and keeps your mind sharp, which can potentially hold off age-related mental deterioration.