Profiling Our Veterans

An individual holding up a sticker with a poppy and 'lest we forget'

This year for Remembrance Day, we interviewed resident veterans living in Sifton Retirement Communities and learned about their experiences serving our country. We sincerely thank them for their dedication in […]

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Keeping the Years Golden

A group of seniors, outside, placing their hands into a handshake-huddle

You have successfully navigated through school-years, career, and raising families, and no doubt your “golden years” are well-deserved.  Leisurely meals with families and friends, alarm clock-free mornings, and new opportunities […]

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The Power of Music

An older gentleman sitting in front of a piano

Whether it’s a big band orchestra, a local school choir or visiting pianist, music plays a major part in our recreation programming – and for good reason. From getting goose […]

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