COVID-19 Visitor Update and Provincial Guidelines

Dear Residents and Family, Please note the following changes in new Provincial guidelines that will affect your visit, starting October 13, 2020. General Visitors, prior to visiting any resident for the first time after these guidelines come into effect and at least once a month thereafter, must attest that they have: Read/Re-Read the following documents: Residence […]

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Celebrating Meal Time!


Try to remember the most recent meal you ate with a group of people. Perhaps it was a gathering to celebrate a birthday over the weekend with your family. It may have been a visit to a local café for coffee with a few close friends. Regardless of what your experience may have been, the […]

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A Healthy Mind, Body and Soul


At a Sifton Retirement Residence there is no shortage of things to do, in fact, our daily recreation calendars are packed with unique activities and programs all designed to keep residents active and bring them together. The best part, the choice is yours. Residents are free to take part in the activities that interest them most […]

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Cannabis – What does it mean to you?


It may surprise you to know that the fastest growing demographic for medical cannabis use is seniors. Since 2014, according to a publication by Schauer et al., in the American Journal Preventative Medicine in 2016, there has been about a 700% growth with adults over the age of 50 utilizing medical cannabis. Cannabis has been […]

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Honouring our Veterans


Each year on November 11th we take time to reflect and remember the end of World War I and the dedication of the many Veterans who served our country.  This year, we invite you to visit your neighbourhood Sifton Retirement Residence between November 4th – November 11th from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. Each Sifton Residence will have coffee, tea and […]

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Profiling Our Veterans


This year for Remembrance Day, we interviewed resident veterans living in Sifton Retirement Communities and learned about their experiences serving our country. We sincerely thank them for their dedication in protecting our country and respect the sacrifices they made. Doug McConney At the age of 22, Mr. McConney joined the Canadian Royal Navy with his […]

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Keeping the Years Golden


You have successfully navigated through school-years, career, and raising families, and no doubt your “golden years” are well-deserved.  Leisurely meals with families and friends, alarm clock-free mornings, and new opportunities now await. Like many life stages, the golden years may, however, be met with some challenges.  Changes in memory, mental function, ability to manage day […]

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The Power of Music


Whether it’s a big band orchestra, a local school choir or visiting pianist, music plays a major part in our recreation programming – and for good reason. From getting goose bumps and spilling tears at the sound of an inspiring church hymn to feeling warm, nostalgic, and cheerful when Christmas carols ring out, emotions are […]

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