West 5 Chosen For Community Net Metering Pilot Project

Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment Andrea Khanjin, Associate Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction Nina Tangri, Ontario Minister of Energy Todd Smith, President & CEO of Sifton Properties Limited Richard Sifton.

The Ontario government is unveiling a new demonstration project in London to explore how a community can work together to generate renewable energy, help protect the environment and lower electricity costs for individuals and businesses in the community. Our West 5 development has been selected as the demonstration site for the new community net metering model (CNM).

West 5 will be the first to use this new model in Ontario, which will see our residences, office space and retirement living integrate solar panels, solar parkades, electric vehicle chargers, green roofs, and other innovative elements to help lower energy costs for our residents and businesses, while building a more sustainable community for the future.

“Net metering innovation harnesses clean, green technology to save taxpayers money – a combination that we all can get behind. This is an exciting opportunity for London and for all of Ontario, where our clean energy grid is a huge advantage for families and businesses. I look forward to seeing the results of this demonstration and what net metering can mean for more projects that support a sustainable future.”
– David Piccini, Minister of the Environment, Conversation and Parks

The demonstration project will be an opportunity to understand the potential for CNM to support businesses, local governments, and Indigenous communities as they pursue innovative approaches to community-based energy systems and sustainability goals, like net-zero energy and net-zero water consumption.

“Until now, net metering has only been available as an arrangement between an individual customer . . . and their distribution company. However, it has been limited in a community setting. We are excited to enable this partnership between Sifton Properties and London Hydro that will allow us to explore how net metering can be used at the local level. Testing new types of energy models is key to the future of our province as it gives us the chance to find new ways to save electricity customers money, support our economy by investing in emerging renewable technologies, and protect the environment.”
– Todd Smith, Ontario Minister of Energy

The results from the trial period collected from West 5 will be used as a model for other sustainable communities. The Ontario government will be watching closely to see how how this demonstration project unfolds, and it could be expanded into other communities across the province.

Nina Tangri, Todd Smith, Richard Sifton.

“The Community Net Metering program could move West 5 closer to its goal of becoming energy self-sufficient by allowing buildings that generate more energy to support less efficient structures. When you look at an apartment building, it can’t produce as much energy as it needs in order to be net-zero, so you have to count on other buildings such as townhouses, which have a bigger footprint and therefore have more solar capabilities. Allowing them to over produce means that you also are able to save on energy usage in other avenues, such as an apartment or commercial building.”
– Richard Sifton

Community Net Metering testing is slated to begin November 1st.