Small Town vs. Big City Living: Which is Best for Your Lifestyle?

Has life called you in a new direction? Perhaps you’ve lived in a small town your whole life and now you have the opportunity to move to a big city. Or maybe you’re at a stage in life and you want to move away from the hustle and bustle of city life. In this blog article, we share some of the benefits of both small town and big city living!

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3 Benefits of Small-Town Living

small town vs big city

Close-knit community

For anyone who appreciates friendly relationships with their neighbours, living in a small town is a great option. Many of us have relied on friends and neighbours to help each other out, especially in the past few years. We’ve certainly learned how important it is to feel good about the community in which you live. Small towns can offer a much closer sense of community within their neighbourhoods.

There are so many great small towns in Ontario that have close-knit communities and their residents enjoy the feeling of knowing their friends and family are nearby. This can reduce any sense of loneliness and promote connection with the people around them.

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Short commutes to wherever you need to be

Why waste time driving across a big city when you can get wherever you need to be within a matter of minutes? For anyone who doesn’t enjoy driving, sitting in traffic or taking long rides on public transportation, small towns are ideal.

Many small towns have public transit systems so you can get where you need to go within a few minutes, without a car. While larger cities certainly offer public transit, it often takes longer, can be unpredictable and comes with higher costs. The pandemic has helped many of us see the benefits of walking or biking over public transit. Living in a small town would make it much easier to get where you need to go, without relying on public transit or owning a vehicle.

Less crime and pollution

Two things that make a prospective new location unattractive are crime and pollution. Smaller towns are much less likely to have a rate of high crime, which means you might enjoy an improved sense of safety.

Living in a small town also means you will experience far less pollution from cars, factories and power plants, resulting in air that is much cleaner. This is perfect for anyone who regularly suffers from breathing issues or anyone concerned about the environmental impact of pollution and wanting to adapt a greener lifestyle.

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3 Benefits of Big City living

More access to everything

If you enjoy going to concerts, sports events and great restaurants, then a big city is the right choice for you. There are always events happening that won’t require an overnight trip. You also can enjoy much more selection in terms of restaurants and shopping. For anyone who prefers to be right in the action, a big city will be the best bet for you.

Big cities also mean you have better access to medical care. Medical facilities in big cities have much more to offer for their residents than their small-town counterparts. If you or a loved one will be needing medical care for any sort of extended time, being closer to a large hospital may be more suitable for your lifestyle.

More job opportunities

Bigger cities will always have more businesses opening and expanding, which means there are always ample job opportunities. More job opportunities mean you have a better chance of getting a job within the field you want.

If you are thinking about starting your own business, then a big city is also the best choice. Here, you will have much more access to the connections you will likely need to give your company its best chance at thriving.

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More housing options

Big cities are sure to have plenty of housing options, giving you better selection when choosing a place to call home. Everything from bachelor apartments to large 4 bedroom homes are available in many larger cities so you can choose what is best for your budget and lifestyle.

Apartment buildings and rental townhomes can be few and far between in many small towns, but they are usually available in abundance for residents of big cities, a perfect option for small families, couples and young professionals.

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At Sifton Properties, we want to provide you with the perfect place to call home, no matter where your life takes you. If you’re looking for short commutes, a close-knit community and safety – you’re going to love small town living in a new Sifton neighbourhood. If you like being close to the action, want access to diverse job opportunities and would like options when it comes to housing – you’d thrive with a rental townhome in a big city like London, Ontario. It all comes down to what you are looking for and what you need in your current stage of life. Wherever you end up, Sifton will be sure to welcome you there.