We Plan Our Neighbourhoods Around You

We Plan Our Neighbourhoods Around You - feature

Take a visit to any of our Sifton neighbourhoods and you’ll feel immediately welcomed. As you step back to take it all in, you’ll see a place where families grow, friends connect and celebrations are shared.

This doesn’t just happen by accident. Our team of urban planners and engineers carefully develop master-plans for each community that focus on you, the homebuyer. Whether you envision living in a close-knit community with schools, parks and natural areas nearby, or you’re more interested in living within walking distance of restaurants, theatres, and shopping. It’s all part of our process to create a “complete Sifton community”.

We design neighbourhoods that welcome people from all stages of life to grow as neighbours and create diverse communities. From young families looking for their first home to growing families that just need a little bit more room, to mature couples planning to retire now that the kids have all grown up.

But to truly get the most out of your community, you simply need to step outside. Our playgrounds and parks are built in open spaces so you can watch your children spend the afternoon running, skipping, and jumping with their friends. And to keep them safe, we introduce traffic calming measures like roundabouts and carefully planned road widths to reduce vehicle speeds.

Our natural areas, trails and sidewalks invite our residents to stay active and healthy. Natural environments like Warbler Woods, Hickory Woods, Kains Woods, Gibbons Wetland and Sifton Bog are just a few examples of our neighbourhood settings that change with the seasons and welcome a variety of wildlife and plant species to each community.

We’ve been creating places to call home for quite a long time, 95 years to be exact, and along the way, we’ve become leaders in the industry. We built London’s first solar-powered home in 1978, we constructed Ontario’s first gated golf community (RiverBend) in 2000, we unveiled London’s first Net Zero home in 2015, and we introduced the first tenants to West 5 in 2017. Once it’s completed, West 5 will be the largest multi-use sustainable community in North America.

As technology continues to evolve and influence how we plan our communities to be more energy-efficient and sustainable, our guiding principle will always remain constant. We are building neighbourhoods that make it possible for you to Love Where You Live.