Sifton Rewards – Rules & Regulations

  1. Referrals must be made by a Sifton customer.  
  2. A Sifton customer is defined as:
  3. Referring party must have an account in good standing.
  4. Referrals are not paid for transfers/relocation from one home or rental unit to another.
  5. Rewards are paid if the executed offer to purchase or lease from the referred party is received within six months of the referral.
  6. Referrals are paid at the time of new home close or tenant move in (with minimum one-year occupancy agreement).
  7. The records of the Sifton Rewards program kept by the staff at Sifton Properties Limited are deemed to be the accurate and final records for the program.
  8. The Rewards Program is subject to change without notice.
  9. Sifton employees are not eligible for the monetary portion of the Rewards Program.

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