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Stantec is always bringing on new partners to work on our projects. We needed an environment that makes it easy for architects, engineers, interior designers and other professionals to come together in a way that the traditional office suite doesn’t allow for. Sifton worked with us every step of the way. They got their designers involved early. They learned what we needed and found a way to make sure we got it. Sifton is more than a landlord, they’re a true partner.


As a large Rogers Authorized Dealer with many stores across Ontario, location is key. The focus of our business is helping customers find the right product to fit their lifestyle. We needed a customer friendly environment where people could touch and feel our products so they could really get a sense of what devices they’d like to use on a daily basis. Communication is something we all do every day – and it’s a very personal experience. Sifton helped us create an environment that allows us to really connect with our customers.

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