Sifton Leads the Way with Canada’s First Solar Energy Storage LED Streetlight

Sifton is excited to announce the installation of Canada’s first Solar Energy Storage LED streetlight at The Erinview, one of its properties in Mississauga. Installed at the northeast corner of Dundas St. W. and Fifth Line W., it is one of many technologies being considered for use at West 5, Sifton’s SMART community in London, Ontario. Manufactured by ClearWorld LLC and installed by Frederick & Simon Inc., this demonstration streetlight unit is an example of how municipal roadway lighting will evolve with the introduction of SMART communities.

The revolutionary lights are designed to produce electricity via a photovoltaic panel that wraps around a standard light pole. The wrap houses a lithium ion battery and wireless control unit. The SMART lights have the capability to operate completely off grid thereby reducing electricity costs and reducing carbon footprint for the operators such as municipalities, property developers/owners and utility companies. As well, the lights have the capability to operate for 15 days in cloudy conditions, notify operators when there is a fault and generate electricity to feed back into the grid.

This energy technology is well suited for Sifton’s West 5 development which is being designed to be a Net Zero community (eg. It generates all the power it uses) and it follows other examples of Sifton’s leadership and commitment to energy conservation like their recent unveiling of London’s first Net Zero home and Sifton’s new net-zero Corporate Office, opening late 2016.

The technology is closely aligned with the Ontario Energy Board’s and the Ministry of Energy’s effort to achieve additional energy conservation and demand management within the province of Ontario.

Sifton is proud to be working with ClearWorld and Frederick & Simon and leading the way in evaluating and installing these innovative technologies in Canada. “This technology significantly reduces municipal electricity costs and carbon footprints.”, says Marc Sidhom from Frederick & Simon. “as the City Commissioner for the City of Miami (watch video) recently said in reference to the ClearWorld product, “….it’s as simple as planting a tree, but instead of making oxygen from the sun, it makes electricity.”

ClearWorld LLC is an alternative energy systems provider that has developed an innovated and patented way of combining photovoltaic solar panels and battery storage to retrofit energy-efficient systems to roadway lighting resulting in reduced utility operating and maintenance costs and the potential for grid independence.

Frederick & Simon Inc. is a Burlington Ontario based consulting firm that specializes in new market development services and exclusively represents and distributes products and services to the Canadian market; namely for clients such as ClearWorld LLC.