Downsizing to Your Next Dream Home

Downsizing to Your Next Dream Home - Feature

Your home should provide the right amount of space for living comfortably today. However beloved a place may be, eventually, many working people, empty nesters and retirees will take stock of their family or executive homes and conclude they really don’t need so many bedrooms or such big backyards.

When you and your large residence have outgrown one another, it’s an opportunity for a fresh start in a new home that enhances the lifestyle you want to enjoy now. Manageable in size and beautifully designed, your new personal sanctuary lets you leave behind the burden of too much property and gives you the freedom to embrace your next adventure.

Re-energizing Your Life

Preparing for a move jumpstarts motivation to clear out old closets and storage rooms bursting with accumulated clutter, knowing you are casting off unwanted things and will soon be living in a new, well-organized place. Decluttering equals de-stressing, giving a beneficial boost to your emotional wellbeing and increasing your energy level.

Smart Financial Move

Selling your family home and purchasing a condo can free up money to elevate your new lifestyle and/or put funds into your investment account. When you buy rather than rent your next home, your saved equity will still continue to grow. A condo costs less to clean, maintain, insure, heat and cool, compared to a bigger property. With a condo, you can happily sell your lawnmower and snowblower, leaving yard maintenance to the groundskeeper. A new home built to today’s building codes offers energy savings for the future, both personally and environmentally.

Healthy Choice

New homes are fresh and clean, with heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems that improve air quality and increase your comfort. One-floor, open concept living helps you age in place. No worrying about stairs or narrow hallways should mobility ever become an issue. A condo community offer opportunities to meet people and socialize.

Intelligent Use of Space

Floor plans that utilize every centimetre and provide ample storage support with your desire for organization, flow and style. Open concept living spaces welcome visiting family and friends.

Freedom and Flexibility

Unburdened from the chores that accompany large homeownership, you have more time for your favourite people and activities. In a condo community, you can feel secure at home and while traveling, knowing your property is being cared for. Solid value and energy efficiency are combined in the new luxury one-floor homes in Sifton condo communities. To ensure your Sifton condo reflects your personal style, design consultants provide complimentary decorating services at the Sifton Decor Centre.

“With the resale market so strong, this is a great time to lock in gains made in the family home,” says Barb Owens, a sales associate with Sifton Properties Limited. “Whether the market goes up or down from now becomes irrelevant – the goal is to take the sure thing and find something else that is suitable to your current and future lifestyle and ride out any flux that may come.”

“The term ‘downsizing’ should be renamed ‘prioritizing’ or ‘recalibrating’ for quality of life and peace of mind,” believes Owens. It’s an investment homeowners make in their own happiness that reaps benefits for many years ahead. Find your perfect downsizing opportunity currently available at two distinct Condominium Communities – Berkshire Village and Westmount Village.