Make A Moment

Make A Moment
Furniture and featured decor from: Chapters HomeSense, Ikea, and Presidents Choice.

Add some personality to your home on spaces such as coffee tables, side tables, counters or your kitchen islands with a unique vignette. Vignettes are personalized, unique arrangements that can be changed up each season. Here are a few tips to create your own decorate vignette at home.

  • Limit your items to odd numbers. This adds an asymmetry that can be pleasing to the eye
  • Add height. Use statues, branches or tall vases to add dimension.
  • Bring in living elements. Whether it is flowers, greenery, fruits or veggies, this will bring some life into your arrangement.
  • Be quirky. Add unique touches with something that is personal to you.
  • Anchor. Use a tray, bowl or stacked books to anchor the arrangement.
  • Use your senses. Try a candle, diffuser or potpourri to embrace all your senses.
  • And have fun! Bring in colours that pop or complement the rest of the room. Most importantly, make it your own!

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