Friendly Reminders

As a Sifton Resident, there are a few important reminders that you’ll need to know in order to make sure your home and community are the best they can be! We will continue to send you any important updates, but we recommend bookmarking this page to refer back to!


Please be reminded that pet owners must have pets on leashes when outside the confines of their home and must clean up and dispose of dog waste, per city by-laws. In addition, pets are not to be leashed to trees in common spaces or outside the confines of patios and are to be supervised at all times. Dog waste receptacles have been removed from the community due to over filling and dumping from those outside of the community.

We also ask our owners to be aware of their pets surroundings when they stop to use the bathroom around areas of business such as outdoor patios, sidewalks, storefronts, etc.

Children Playing

Friendly reminder for all parents and guardians to take caution when letting their children play outside. Please remind your children to avoid playing in the parking lots, near vehicles and Sifton machinery. We appreciate your consideration to ensure your neighbor’s vehicles do not receive damage from bicycles, scooters, hockey sticks etc., along with keeping the children in our neighborhood safe!


For the safety of all residents and visitors, please do not speed in the community. Recommended speed in the community is 20-30km. If you witness a speeding vehicle, note the license plate and call London police to report the issue.

Children & Pets in Vehicles

Keep children and pets safe! Never leave children and/or pets alone in your vehicle. Cars can heat up 20 degrees in less than 10 minutes in the warmer months. Rolling down the windows or parking in the shade will do very little to keep a car cool on a hot day.


As a courtesy to your neighbours, please be reminded that residents are required to park in their assigned spot. Visitor, or unmarked spaces may be used on a first come, first served basis. Please do not park in any designated Fire Route zones or on lawns. You can view and download our Sifton Parking Policies here.

Parking in laneways or on city streets is not permitted.

Visitor parking is for visitors only. Please park in your garage or driveway, per your lease agreement.


We love the wildlife living in our community, but please refrain from feeding them! Feeding wildlife can create unwanted guests and messes on roads and in backyards. We appreciate your help in keeping the neighbourhoods clean and enjoyable for all. To keep your trash secure, check out this article for pointers.

Air Quality in Your Home

The key to mildew and mold prevention is simple: moisture control! Prevent mildew and mold growth in moist or wet areas including your shower, bathroom walls, ceilings, or underneath of your sinks by using a few simple tips! Learn how you can prevent mold and mildew here.

Maintenance Crews at Work

Our crews are out regularly providing regular maintenance to our properties. We ask residents to please use caution when approaching Sifton vehicles and machinery moving throughout the complex. We appreciate your patience if our equipment creates noise in your neighbourhood.


Bag waste securely in white or black bags at all times and place in your trash can with the lid on securely. Please do not leave loose items on the street or sidewalk. Litter and food items left sitting out on the curbs before garbage pick-up encourage unwanted wildlife to migrate to our neighbourhoods. These items aren’t picked up by the City and then Sifton staff have to clean them up which means there may be loose garbage sitting on the property for several hours. This is unsightly and not the condition we wish to see in the neighbourhood. Please place garbage out on the curb no earlier than the evening before the scheduled pick-up date. If garbage is left out too early and/or not bagged properly it can create a mess (especially if the wind moves litter around the grounds or wildlife get into it). Always follow the scheduled garbage collection dates for your area which can be found below:

You can download the Recycle Coach app here as well to stay up to date on waste and recycle days!

No Smoking

All Sifton Residential buildings are non-smoking as per your lease agreement.

West 5 is a non-smoking community, this means that smoking is never permitted inside your home, outside of your home on your porch, deck or any shared common outdoor space. While entertaining outdoors this summer, please ensure that your guests comply with the no smoking requirements as per your lease agreement. Fire pits, fire bowls, chimeneas, outdoor fireplaces or conducting open air burns of any kind on the West 5 property is not permitted. 

Vehicle Security Tips

Here are some important vehicle safety tips to make sure that your personal belongings stay safe:

  • Ensure the parking garage door is closed before driving into the garage and parking.
  • Do not leave valuables in your car and lock your vehicle at all times.
  • Consider using a car alarm or locking device.
  • Leave the parking garage if you encounter suspicious or unknown people. Notify your Resident Manager and the Police immediately.
  • Use a double lock on your bicycle and consider removing the front wheel.


  • Check your vehicle insurance policies to verify that they cover the true value of your personal contents should a theft occur.
  • Report theft and/or damage to your insurer and the Police.

Apartment Building Security Tips

Review these important apartment building security tips to ensure the safety of you and your fellow neighbours.

Topics include lobby, suite, elevator, amenity room, parking garage and vacation security.