Let’s Sort it Out


Download the garbage collection calendars for your neighbourhood on www.london.ca. This is a great tool for tracking when garbage collection happens in your neighbourhood, especially around holidays when dates may change. There are also reminders for “Do’s and Don’ts” and instructions on how to dispose of items such as paint, electronics, furniture, etc.

You can also download the “My Waste” smartphone app, sign up for reminder emails and check the “Zone Fielder” tool on the City of London website.


To keep our neighbourhoods clean and tidy there are restrictions on when you can set out your garbage. All garbage/recycling should be at the curbside by 7:00 am the morning of collection day but NO earlier than 6:00 pm the evening prior. Please be extra cautious when placing sharp objects or broken glass on the curb, place in a cardboard box and label SHARP. The City of London may stop curbside pick-up if they notice repeated instances of sharp or broken items left loose on the curb.


When we don’t dispose of waste properly it may result in the City’s refusal to pick up garbage and recycling from our community. In turn this may lead to increased rents as a result of municipal requirements for waste and potential privatization of garbage handling. Complaints about a neighbour who set out garbage before garbage day or sets out unacceptable items can be made to the City of London by calling 519-661-4570 and they will contact your neighbour to request compliance to the Waste Management By-Law. You will not be identified as the complainant.

Because Sifton cares about the cleanliness of our neighbourhoods, when garbage is left on our properties, our staff remove it and dispose of it at an extra cost. This allocates valuable labour resources to cleaning up garbage rather than other items such as landscaping and exterior repairs. We would very much prefer to spend less time cleaning up garbage and more time on other ways to enhance your home and the properties.

Sifton staff will be visiting the properties more regularly on a daily and weekly basis and issuing charges for any additional garbage clean-up. To avoid a charge please insure that you follow the City’s garbage and recycling requirements.

Reminder: Sort garbage by following these guidelines!

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