Keeping the Years Golden

demensia_-_pieceYou have successfully navigated through school-years, career, and raising families, and no doubt your “golden years” are well-deserved.  Leisurely meals with families and friends, alarm clock-free mornings, and new opportunities now await.

Like many life stages, the golden years may, however, be met with some challenges.  Changes in memory, mental function, ability to manage day to day activities, or common symptoms associated with dementia, may require us to re-evaluate our plans and consider other living options that offer comfort, security and much needed peace of mind.

Retirement Living is considered a safe place for those with early-onset dementia for a number of reasons. Delicious and nutritious meals are prepared and served three times daily, countless opportunities for social engagement and activities are plentiful, and nursing staff is available onsite to ensure, among other things, that medications are taken when prescribed.

While there is much to learn about dementia, research suggests a satisfying social life may contribute to improved quality of life and slower disease progression.  If there weren’t already enough reasons to play a game of Bingo, join a euchre club, or sign-up for lunch excursions to interesting places, we have one more!

In a Sifton Retirement residence, all members of our team including dietary, housekeeping, recreation and wellness, all work together to promote the best quality of life for our residents, and those with special needs living with dementia are no exception.