6 Retirement Activities To Keep You Active and Engaged as You Age

Some people simply can’t wait until they reach retirement – no more work, as much free-time as you’d like, and the opportunity to do all things you never had time to do before! Others feel uneasy about this stage of life – unsure of how to spend all this free time, learning to manage a new income, and potentially facing other challenges associated with aging.

As you enter this phase of life, give yourself time to find a new rhythm. Whether you spend your retirement years living independently or within a retirement community, there are so many options to get yourself involved both around the community and within a social group. Now that you’re finished with career obligations, you’re free to explore a whole new lifestyle in a way that will pique your interest and meet your physical needs. You can rest assured knowing if you’re looking for something to keep you busy during retirement, there’s so much more than Bingo!

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1. Get Out and Volunteer

A hobby that many retired folks turn to is volunteering. You’ve finished working, now it’s time to focus on something you really love! There are so many ways to get active within the community and volunteering is definitely one of the most feel-good ways to stay busy. Helping out just because you can is so good for the soul and you can choose to get involved with something you have a passion for or have always been interested in.

Some examples of places that are more than happy to have volunteers include:

  • Museums
  • Food Banks
  • Community Thrift Stores
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Retirement Community

2. Learn About Birds

Birdwatching is an excellent activity that gets you out in the thick of nature and is an amazing learning opportunity. Sitting at your local park or walking through the woods is the perfect way to enjoy some fresh air and appreciate the wide variety of birds that flutter from tree to tree, singing happy tunes. Find a book about the type of birds specific to your area to identify all the incredible creatures that live alongside you that you may have never before realized. Create a bird bucket list of sorts; keep a list of all the types of birds that live or migrate through your area and check off a species every time you spot one. The first time you spot a rare species may give you a surprising rush!

3. Join a Group Fitness Class

Exercise is the best way to remain healthy and keep the mind sharp at any age. Sifton retirement communities offer a wide range of instructor lead fitness classes that cater to all mobility ranges, so even if moving around is something you struggle with as you get older, you still have options to get your exercise fill. Most public gyms also provide plenty of programs catered to seniors to join.

By joining a group, you stay much more motivated than trying to exercise alone. Groups will hold you accountable and allow you to socialize during your workout and keep things light and fun. Options of classes include yoga or tai chi, stretching, dancing, and even aquatic activities such as water aerobics, which has proven to be an excellent option for those living with arthritis. Be sure to join a class that won’t stretch your limits, there are numerous exercises that you can do sitting or standing, whatever will be best for your body.

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4. Start Walking

If a workout program doesn’t appeal to you, just get out and walk around! Walking has proven to be one of the top exercises, no matter what your fitness routine includes. Walking is such a diverse activity; it can be done as a solitary activity or with a group of friends, indoors or outdoors, and in long stretches or quick jaunts. This simple form of exercise is an enjoyable way to keep active, explore the community, and keep both body and mind healthy. Those who choose to walk with friends often indulge in a coffee or treat after, perfect for socializing and keeping in touch with those around you.

The move-out process can seem like an overwhelming task. Take comfort though, it’s all worth it! Moving into a new home is such an exciting time and filled with possibilities. The important thing is to respect your rental agreement, leave the place exactly as you found it, and move on to your next great adventure!

5. Read Your Way Through Book Club

If you’ve always been an avid reader, or if you’ve never had the time to fully indulge in the hobby, now’s the perfect time to get through that list of books that everyone has been raving about! Reading is a great activity to do quietly on your own, but there’s nothing like getting together and delving into your favourite moments or analyzing those hidden meanings of a really great book.

Reading is one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp. It’s one of those hobbies that anyone can enjoy no matter where they live, what sort of physical condition they’re in, or even what kind of access they have to a bookstore or library. In these days of technology, books can be ordered online and delivered right to you or even downloaded directly onto a reading device!

6. Pick Up a Creative New Hobby

Retirement is the ideal time to expand your interests. Many people don’t have time to delve into the arts between work, social engagements, and other things the general chaos of living life.Retirement is the ideal time to expand your interests. Many people don’t have time to delve into the arts between work, social engagements, and other things the general chaos of living life.

Once you get rid of that pesky work commitment, you’re free to explore those things that always seemed low on the list of priorities.

Many seniors take advantage of their newfound free time to take up an artistic outlet. There are so many programs available at retirement homes, community centres, and libraries or art galleries that are offered to seniors. These include drawing, painting, sculpting, or scrapbooking.

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Retirement is a new and unknown stage of life but it can be one of the most freeing and enjoyable times in life! Finding an activity to keep busy, stay active, and encourage socializing is an important part of the retirement process. No matter what interests you, no matter what you choose to get involved in, keep in mind: this is your retirement!

You’ve earned this time and it’s important that you get to fully enjoy it. Make the most of your retirement years by doing something that makes you happy, whether it’s a quiet solitary activity or an exciting group activity, it’s up to you and you can do whatever pleases you most!