Dealing with Cold Feet When Moving to a Retirement Community?

coldfeetarticleBeginning a new chapter in life can be scary.  Making the decision to move, and specifically move to Retirement Living is life-altering and may leave you wondering, have I done the right thing?

How do you deal with cold feet after making this decision, whether it is your own hesitation or that of a loved one?

Moving is a major stress-producer.

You have toured and met with your new home of choice to ensure that the community is warm and welcoming.  It is close to family and friends, your doctor and important services.  You are not planning on leaving family and friends behind to move to your “dream” location; you have found your “dream” location in proximity to your support network.

Can I afford to live here?

Financial security would cause anyone to have second thoughts. You have worked hard throughout the years, money has been saved and invested, expenses have identified, and projections of future needs have been made.  If you have determined you have solid financial footing, then Retirement Living is a realistic choice.

Visualize a joyful future.

Focus on what you will gain from the Retirement Living community and less on what you may be leaving behind. Think about the hobbies, activities, extra time with family & friends, reading that stack of books on your nightstand, dining, or sleeping until you want to wake up….all the good stuff waiting for you.

An enjoyable retirement is all about gaining the freedom to do what you want, when you want.  Connect with one of our communities to learn more on how we can meet your needs to and support you in this exciting new chapter.