Healthy Habits

No matter what your age, we all aspire to eat better and exercise more. The difficult part is getting started. Try changing your approach from setting a huge new goal to setting best intention. This eases the stress and enhances the resolve to achieve a small goal. It is in the small, daily goals that we are able to achieve success.

Eating well and exercising more are two very important elements of healthy living, and yet, they can prove to be difficult to achieve. Many people try to overhaul their entire lifestyle at once, and then get very frustrated when they are not able to maintain those drastic changes.


Select one goal at a time, and work on that intention until it becomes a habit. For example, maybe your one intention is to eat more fresh fruit in your diet for healthy living and fat reduction. Start by simply adding one piece of fruit to your daily diet! Making your goal a manageable intention is the best way to begin.

Once you master one new healthy habit, you can easily pick one more healthy habit to master. If you allow yourself one month to get accustomed to each new healthy habit, by the end of the year, you could have taken 12 steps towards a healthier lifestyle!

Adding a daily bit of exercise is another great intention. You could go for a short walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or even do a set of 10 minute stretches to help kick-start your healthy living intentions. Add an active recreational event to your monthly social calendar – A Balance Class one or twice a week will give you the opportunity to socialize with new friends, while reducing your risk of having a fall.
Try an Aquafit Class in a warm pool to ease your joints and improve balance and endurance.

Retirement living can help support you with all your lifestyle choices and help you with your best intentions. Enjoy living and be the best you can be.