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It’s no secret that insurance is necessary for all of us. We insure our vehicles, our homes and maintain medical insurance to protect us in the event of an emergency. However, many renters are still unclear as to why they need rental insurance when moving into a rental home. Sifton Properties requires that all residents carry and maintain rental insurance.

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During the winter months, windows and doors generally remain shut and indoor air is mostly recycled during the winter season. Consequently, germs from either indoors or outdoors can take root in the home during winter. Mildew and mold can also form indoors due to increased indoor temperatures and the use of humidifiers.

Check out the helpful tips below on how you can improve the air quality in your home this winter season.

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Inspired by our new West 5 community (a net zero community) we put our heads together to compile a handy list of ways each of us can reduce our carbon footprint.

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6 Advantages of Renting

An increasing number of Canadians are choosing renting vs. buying in today’s economy. Why are we seeing this shift? And what are the advantages of rental living?

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